Water Dance - Pendant Light - Honeysuckle Vine Pendant

Broken Branch Designs

$ 185.00

The Water Dance Hand Shucked Honeysuckle Vine Pendant Light is Hand Woven using Kudzu, Radiant Purple Japanese Honeysuckle, and Bush Honeysuckle.

I collect the Honeysuckle and Kudzu vines on my journeys deep into the forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I bring the vines home to South Alabama where I soak the vines in water and wash and shuck the bark off the vines to prevent shedding in the future. I craft a frame using landscaping wire and carefully weave the vines in and out creating one of a kind pendant light that will cast an interesting glow bringing serenity to your home.

The Water Dance pendant light is 19 inches tall X 12 inches in diameter. The pendant light kit wire is run through a lampshade ring that is wired to the frame.

The cord is 63 inches long and has a canopy width of 5.12 inches in diameter. The wire should be hardwired and is dimmable.

The light kit recommends a 60 watt incandescent bulb and is not UL safety listed. Therefore the pendant should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Upgrades Available:
I can weave manila rope around the cord adding a genuine rustic look to your pendant light.
If you would like this upgrade send me a message with the length you would like and I will get back to you with a price for the upgrade.


I will ship via Greyhound anywhere in the United States.

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